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PVC Roof membranes

What Is A PVC Roof Membrane?

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs. Even though there are various forms of roof membranes, the 3 chief types are EPDM, TPO and PVC. Of those three, PVC flat roof membranes may have a lifetime of at least two years. This is but one of their numerous advantages. Here is what you want to understand about PVC roof and how you are able to expand its unique lifespan.

PVC Roofing Explained

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roof is a single-ply roofing membrane that’s been used on flat roofs, besides low-sloped roofs, for at least 50 decades. A PVC roof is made up of 2 layers. Polyester is inserted between the layers to function as service. These layers include additives that provide the roofing material versatility along with other advantages.


Durability is a massive benefit of a PVC roof. This sort of roofing membrane is remarkably powerful since it’s heat-welded seams that make a watertight bond that is even more powerful than the membrane itself, that provides it permanence. Because of this, PVC roofing does not need to rely on tapes, adhesives and caulks for sealing its shingles as other kinds of roofing systems perform.


In reality, frequently PVC roofs have held even in Category 3 hurricanes. Consequently, if you live a place which tends to experience extreme hurricanes and storms, a PVC roof is a great selection.


Fire resistance is just one of the principal advantages of PVC roofing because this kind of roofing system is extremely difficult to ignite. Consider a PVC roof is extremely resistant to oxidation reactions. This makes it incredibly safer than other kinds of roofs.


The chemical resistance of PVC roofing means not needing to handle roofing issues brought on by chemical exposure. Thus, your apartment roof may continue to serve you when it is subjected to harsh chemical requirements.


Environmental friendliness is just another and of a PVC roofing program. Additionally, this may mean spending money to cool or heat your building.


Since PVC roofing is extremely strong and durable, it may last for at least 20 decades. This one of the principal benefits of the kind of roof. This could allow you to conserve a substantial sum of money on costly repairs and upkeep. Meaning you will have more cash to spend in your company. Your PVC roof could be maintained longer by properly maintaining it.