We take extra precautions and then some. Cedar Rapids Roofing upholds only the safest of work environments for its employees, customers, and everyone involved.


Ethics is something we pride ourselves in. By promoting ethics, education, and leadership within the construction industry, the community gains a mutual benefit.


We’re only as good as the work we provide for our customers. That being said, we’re really, really good.


We’re committed to preserving the environment and is actively taking the necessary steps to assure all work is carried out in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.


Our experience is unparalleled, and the quality of work you receive reflects that. 


There’s a reason why we have been recognized by some of the largest organizations in the United States. Let the work speak for itself

How We're Different

Through outstanding performance, industry expertise, and unparalleled commitment, we set ourselves apart from the competition. 


Exceeding expectations and providing complete satistfaction is our one and and only goal. We’ll make sure that our work speaks for itself. 



Our team consists of roofing specialists with 30 + years of experience. We know the ins and outs of every aspect of the roofing industry. 



We are a dedicated group of workers that commit ourselves to your project, guaranteeing our top-quality work from start to finish. 


What Clients Are Saying

Let the work speak for itself. 

Bob Mendle


Workers were diligent, work was excellent and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend using these guys.

Jim Johnson


My family couldn't be happier with the finished outcome of the project they just completed. It looks amazing! Told all my friends and family that if they ever find themselves in a similar situation, to give them a call.

Andy Simmer


This team had our best interest in mind from start to finish. The work was done just as expected - I trust them fully if their services are ever needed again.

Anna Jeffrey


The entire team lives and breathes excellence in everything that they do. They could not have taken better care of us...They treated our renovation as if they were renovating their own home and their work reflects it!

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