We Are The #1 Roofing Company

Cedar Rapids Roofing is the #1 roofing company in the greater Cedar Rapids area. By taking exceptional care of both employees and clients, we’ve established ourselves among the competition. 

Our Core Values

This is what defines us as a company and assures our standard of work is above and beyond the competition. 

The results that our team yields are only of a team that works together, and truly enjoys being with each other. Our attitude on the job site will reflect that.

Morality is something that everyone here at Cedar Rapids Roofing practices. There’s not one employee on our staff who doesn’t listen to their moral compass. 

The quality of work that we provide is the definition of excellence. We eat, breathe, and sleep roofing. 

The well being of our employees, clients, and community around us is of the highest priorities. Safety is our middle name.

We practice the most up to date industry standards, assuring that all of the work we’re completing is ahead of the curve within roofing innovations. 

We’ll keep you in the know every step of the way. There is full transparency between us and you from project start to project finish.

Company Overview

Cedar Rapids Roofing has been an industry leader for a while, and our past work experience reflects that. 

Years Of Experience

We’ve been fulfilling customers needs for over 35 years. 


Jobs Completed

Number of projects completed in the thousands emphasizes the experience that we tout. 


Global Clients

We work with clients in not only the United States, but across the globe as well. 


Supported by 9+ Media partners and industry leaders

How We're Different

Through outstanding performance, industry expertise, and unparalleled commitment, we set ourselves apart from the competition.


Exceeding expectations and providing complete satisfaction is our one and and only goal. We’ll make sure that our work speaks for itself. 



Our team consists of roofing specialists with 30 + years of experience. We know the ins and outs of every aspect of the roofing industry. 



We are a dedicated group of workers that commit ourselves to your project, guaranteeing our top-quality work from start to finish. 


Interested in a career?

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